Video: Bill Gates paints a picture of post COVID-19 world

Recently, Bill Gates discussed his TED Talk, which predicted a devastating pandemic, and the post Covid-19 situation during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

For many people, it’s almost as if the coronavirus pandemic has come out of nowhere. Organizations and people around the world have been caught entirely off guard by its impact. Bill Gates ,however, has been warning about the risk of a deadly pandemic much like this one for many years — and has been raising the alarm that our societies were not prepared to control it.

Recently, Bill Gates discussed his TED Talk, which predicted a devastating pandemic, during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. He also painted the picture of the post-COVID-19 world and how to prevent a future outbreak.

During the interview, Gates said he gave the talk and reiterated his points in the hopes that it might provoke governments to better prepare for such a pandemic.

Bill Gates said, “We are not prepared for pandemics, and this keeps me up at night, more than war. Every state in the US is being forced to figure things out on their own. It is very ad hoc. It’s not like when war comes, and we have done 20 simulations of various types of threats, and we have made sure that the drills, communications, the logistics fall into place very quickly.”

Post Pandemic Scenario

While speaking about the post-pandemic situation Gates said, “Sadly, at some level of wealth, there will be countries that, no matter how hard they try, will have a widespread epidemic. And so, again sadly, the richer countries that do contain the virus will not allow people from those countries to come in unless they are quarantined and tested. This is going to stop people going across borders for the next few years until we get to the full vaccination.”

Towards the end of the interview, Bill Gates spoke about potential situations where things like educational institutions and some businesses might be able to start re-opening in the summer — with some instructive measures.

“I feel good about one thing that the virus has brought such a significant change to the world that this time it would not be like Ebola, which was just there in Africa. This time, billions of dollars to have the diagnostics would be standing by, the production standing by, this time we will be prepared for the next epidemic, “he stated.

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