VIDEO | Clip Of Protesters Looting Kid’s Fruit Cart Sparks Outrage

Amid rising tension, jammed roads and violent on roads – the life of ordinary citizens have come to a standstill. 

Pakistan seems to struggle going back to normalcy as worst and violent protests erupt after Pakistan’s top court acquitted Aasia Bibi in an alleged blasphemy case. Lack of evidence, dependence on extrajudicial confessions, unexplained delay in lodging FIR and discrepancies in witnesses’ testimonies were the reasons for overturning her death penalty.

But as usual, the worst of the ongoing crisis has to be faced by the poor man who is struggling every day to put food on their table. There are no exact figures on how much damage has it caused, but the videos across social media have shown how the common man’s plight.

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From burning buses, destroyed bikes and looting shops, the citizens are spending their lives in fear in the middle of the ongoing chaotic crisis. Among many videos that made to the internet, one has begun a total outrage across all media platforms.

The video includes a minor child, whose cart full of bananas is being looted by the protestors. The kid apparently went there to sell fruit to the protestors, but instead, by the clip, it looks like the protestors took their aggression out on him.
Some people suggest he was part of the protestors but became a victim of their wrath instead. Here is the video:

The protests turned violent and the people taking their frustration out on the common man’s property has angered the people. The defenceless kid’s video has instigated an unforgiving response from the social media community, who are demanding the hands of the looters to be chopped off for stealing. Here is what people have to say about it:

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