Video Content | Israeli court orders to demolish 500 Palestinian homes

The houses were built by Palestinians 30 years ago


A large number of heavily armed Israeli troops raided Silwan neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem and surrounded 500 structures owned by the Palestinians, preparing them for demolition.
Eyewitnesses, while speaking to Ma’an news agency, that the Israeli forces with heavy arms and a number of bulldozers surrounded the area.  The Israeli Civil Administration staff raided Silwan and proceeded with demolition of two structures owned by Palestinians.

Reporting sources further confirmed that Israeli bulldozers particularly demolished the storage warehouses, that belonged to Izz Barqan. The bulldozers also targetted and demolished the horse stables. The stables measured 200-square-meters and were built about four years ago.

The demolished horse stables belonged to Muhammad al-Qaq.

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Sources added that the barbaric Israeli forces not only demolished the buildings during this campaign but also subjected residents of Silwan, particularly the helpless women and children, to physical assault.

This came following the advancement made by the Israeli Supreme Court last week. The appeal by families from the neighbourhood of Silwan was rejected and the forces were allowed to pursue the demolition campaign, in which 500 buildings and structures owned by Palestinians are to be targeted.

The homes and commercial buildings were built by residents some 30 years ago. However, the court said they were built without obtaining a formal permit from the Israeli authorities, although it is nearly impossible to do so. The decision will affect hundreds of residents, as they will be left homeless following the demolition.

”For Jewish Israelis in occupied East Jerusalem’s illegal settlements, the planning, marketing, development, and infrastructure are funded and executed by the Israeli government. By contrast, in Palestinian neighbourhoods, all the burden falls on individual families to contend with a lengthy permit application that can last several years and cost tens of thousands of dollars.” Palestine Chronicle. 

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