VIDEO: Couple involved in harassing, filming women roams free in Lahore despite registration of FIR

Dozens of women have fallen victim to the culprits.

In another bone-chilling incident of rape, harassment and then blackmailing innocent women, a couple has been booked in Sundar, Lahore. However, unlike most cases, this time a husband and a wife both are involved in trapping poor, helpless women.

Previously, a similar case was reported in Rawalpindi. As per the registered complaint, the student, who is married, was kidnapped outside of Gordon College by a woman. The woman pretended to be a student and said that her ‘brother’ was coming to pick her in some time.

Later, a man arrived in a grey car and the victim was forced into the vehicle by the woman, she was also threatened with a knife to keep her from making noise and gathering attention. She was abused, filmed and later blackmailed.

The recent case from Lahore was brought to social media limelight by human rights lawyer and activist Hassan Niazi, who made a short video exposing the case. A couple, in which wife lures women into their houses and the husband sexually harasses them, later film the ordeal and use it to blackmail them and extort women.

According to Hassan, dozens of women have fallen victim to the culprits but only one, with the help and support of her husband, came forward and lodged an FIR. However, even after the registration of FIR three days back, no arrest has been made by the police and the nominated couple roams free in Lahore.


Hassan said that these women belong to poor households, and first putting them through the ordeal and then asking for money from them has left them in extreme distress.

”These women are daughters, wives of daily laborers, cleaners, etc. They already struggle to make the ends meet. This couple threatens the victims to pay them Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 or else they will disperse the video”.

However, despite the registration of FIR, no action has been taken by the relevant authorities.

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  • Reforming punjab police must be the utmost priority for PM Khan. If this doesn’t get fixed, PTI will lose punjab!!!

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