[VIDEO]: Customer EXPOSES Daraz.pk Fraud on camera!

Ali opens the box only to see that the drone box is stuffed with pieces of garbage and scraps.

Online shopping has increased in Pakistan as more people are looking to buy products online.

When it comes to the ease of online shopping, the real question is whether it really facilitates customers or just frustrates them?

The increase in online shopping has exposed increased incidents of customers becoming victims of fraud. Nosheen Zahra exposes one such incident of fraud by Daraz.pk by taking to Facebook and posting her vlogger nephew’s experience with the online seller.


A young vlogger on YouTube, Ali Taimoor, ordered a drone for himself via Daraz.pk. The little guy spent Rs. 6,550 on the gadget and received it within two days of placing the order. Excited, Ali Taimoor began unboxing the drone in front of his camera to vlog his experience. However, as each layer unpacked, the little YouTuber’s excitement drowned. Initially, an old box is exposed, and Ali says:

The packaging seems to be quite old. However, let’s open the box and check the product.

Ali opens the box only to see that the drone box is stuffed with pieces of garbage and scraps.

While vlogging the experience, Ali says:

First, we get these pieces of garbage …

When Ali removes all pieces of scrap, he finds that the box holds nothing else! There is no sign of a drone – the original product. He exclaims:

It’s a fraud guys! Daraz.pk is a complete fraud!

The young YouTuber posted the video online and asked people to share his saddening experience.

The worse part is that not just a few, but a massive number of people have been a victim to Daraz.pk\’s fraud.

While talking to a media outlet, an official of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said:

People in Pakistan are turning to e-commerce and are buying online, which increases the chances of fraud. Consumers are shown a branded mobile phone online, but an unbranded mobile phone is delivered to them. The problem in Pakistan is that there is nobody to keep a check on such online businesses. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) regulates physical companies, but no institution has been set up for online entities.

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  • This is a fake and malicious video with intention to defame. Daraz is the best E-comm platform in Pakistan.

    • You are absolutely right, I’ve been shopping on Daraz from years and never get a product below my expectations even I ordered a samsung mobile a year back which was of Rs.75k and I got that in perfect condition no complains so far when ordering from Daraz.pk

      This video is fake

    • Daraz.pk ne apne chamche bhej diye hain public platform per damage control kernay ke liye.

      Daraz.pk aur iss terha ki ecommerce websites ke rules aur regulations ko tighten kernay ki zaroorat hai. Ye Pakistan ke week cyber laws ka najaiz faida uthaate hain

  • The Daraz.Pk are bluffing with people. They should be banned. They display something and send something else. Shame on them

  • I doubt this video’s authenticity, it has been made only to get fame.
    We can talk about quality of delivered product, but this kind of stuff just seems bluff

  • What i know, DARAZ is providing fantastic platform for e-commerce..
    Those who fraud could not be paid and money can be returned back with DARAZ support.
    Because the affiliated sellers with DARAZ are not paid instantly..
    Seeking support from DARAZ will surely resolve issue to money back, and such seller would be blocked and will not be paid single rupee..

  • Draz py Jo Official Stores hain…. Unpy product achi Miltim… Baqi koi b Trusted nhe…. Maine Kayi Bar Gadgets replace krwaye…. Chlty e nhe thy…. Fabrics ik dam ghattiya….

  • Daraz is really a fraud. I have been scammed and they never will accept or respond to your query. I have uninstalled Daraz app from my mobile to make sure that i wont even check it again.

  • اسکا طریقہ یہ ہوتا ہے کہ، جب ڈیلیوری والا آئے تو پیکج اس کے سامنے کھولو، اندر جو بھی ہوگا سامنے آجائے گا،۔۔۔ اسکے علاوہ اگر کوئی فراڈ ہوا ہے تو دراز والوں سے فوری رابطہ کریں، پیسہ واپس ملنے کی امید ہوتی ہے۔۔
    میں نے لگ بھگ ایک لاکھ کی چیزیں منگوائیں، کھبی فراڈ نہیں ہوا۔۔ وجہ ۔۔ پیسہ بعد میں دیتا ہوں پہلے چیز کھول کر چیک کرتا ہوں۔۔

    • Jani brother Daraz is comprised of sellers. Many sellers are fraud. I list around 5k on Daraz and never purchased anything from them since. Their seller vetting process is very bad and most of the time you get bad stuff. Daraz is not half good as others.

  • Sab se acha tariqa yeh hai ke apnay shehr mai koi bhi daraz ka office dhoond ke wahan jain aur un ke moun pe maarain yeh garbage

  • actually there are so many people who sell fake products on Daraz.pk and it’s very difficult to manage. it’s not Daraz it the seller.

  • Daraz.pk dont sell items themselves. They have provided a platform to their users to sell stuff. Just like aliexpress. You cannot blame daraz for this, you should be smart enough to order stuff online, there is a reason why the seller ratings are provided at the bottom of each product. In this case the parents should be smart enough to check all the factors, i.e reviews, seller ratings etc and if they cannot then simply dont buy online. Go to a store for your purchases. To the person writing this article, work harder. You cannot become a writer or a journalist by just riding the tide.

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