VIDEO: Darul Sehat Hospital | Another horrifying case exposed

Source: ARY

After a horrifying case surfaced the internet and FIR was registered where one wrong injection from the hospital pushed a child to the verge of disability, another victim of the medical ill-practices of Darul Sehat Hospital Karachi has decided to speak out. The affected child in the former case was 9 months old Nishwa. Her father said that the medical staff continued playing games on mobile phones in ICU.

Her father told that the injection should have been dissolved in the body in diluted form over 24 hours. However, the inexperience and negligence lead to her paralyses. She was injected in one dose, after which her health deteriorated. She was kept on ventilator for one week and thems she was paralyzed.


After it, another grieving victim has decided to speak out to the media and voice his heartbreaking experience. The application was submitted at the Shahrah-e-Faisal Police Station, in which the man pleaded that his wife breathed her last  17 days after she was admitted to the hospital due to improper treatment and medical attention. He demanded that a case should be registered against the hospital.


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He stated that she was also kept on the ventilator but no proper medical care was provided, which lead to her death. He demanded legal action against the hospital because a number of cases have exposed their negligence and failure to provide adequate medical attention to the patients.

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