Video: Edwardes College’s Dolphin Ayan speaks for the first time after viral interview

Ayan's interview went viral yesterday.

Ayan, who is an engineer and alumni of Peshawar’s popular Edwardes College, has spoken up for the first time after his viral interview.  Ayan became the center of attention after a Facebook post from his college.

The post narrated Ayan’s story, telling how a capable engineer had to leave his profession to become a dancer. The reason for it? Constant bullying. 

He was called names, bullied and labelled for being effeminate (female-like). Ayan was a very bright student in his college and a capable civil engineer. He also did a four-month internship in Cyprus. But such harsh treatment from his classmates left a lasting impression, ultimately forcing him to leave his profession and become a dancer.

‘I hate being labelled’

”I hate being called Hijra. If only people stop calling me that, I will leave this and go back to studying”, Ayan said in an interview.

”No one was able to remove that label from themselves. An international transgender Rimal Ali got himself operated, but was still called a ‘shemale”, he said.

Speaks up for the first time after the viral interview:

Ayan, who now identifies as Mahi Muhammad, spoke about how different NGOs and channels are reaching out to her after her recent interview with journalist Yousaf Jan. She said that she doesn’t want to give any interview because the channels only want it for the sake of their ratings.

”I do not want any job offers or give any interview. I cannot pursue a job because of the discrimination that exists in Pakistani culture. And I do not want to give an interview because the channels only want it for their ratings”, Mahi said.

”I only request the government of Pakistan to support my studies abroad. If not, I want to request any other country to provide me asylum so that I can pursue my education. I promise, if I am given an opportunity, I will leave dancing and never come back”, she concluded.

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