VIDEO: Emirati and Bahraini activists Hail the Israeli Army as ‘Defenders of Humanity’

  • Officials from an Emirati-Bahraini delegation hailed the Israeli army as “defenders of humanity.”
  • The officials made the remarks during an interview with a prominent Israeli Zionist blogger.
  • The delegation was on a visit to Israel.

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Members of an Emirati-Bahraini delegation on a visit to Israel hailed the Israeli army as “defenders of humanity.”

In a snippet of the interview posted on Twitter, the two officials, who were part of a Bahraini and Emirati delegation visiting Israel, expressed their admiration for the Israeli army.

The officials, consisting of the prominent Emirati legal adviser, Majid Al-Sarrah, and the Bahraini researcher, Amjad Taha, were interviewed by Israeli blogger Hananya Naftali.

Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

“Are you scared of your presence in Israel? The Arab media says that Israel is oppressing Arabs and is a dangerous country,” Naftali asks.

Responding to the question, Taha said: “We went to the (occupied) Golan and found Israeli soldiers protecting the borders and aiding Syrian refugees and children.”

“Jews, Arabs, and people of various sects coexist and work together in harmony within Israel,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Majid Al-Sarah said: “You won’t see these heroic soldiers on the media or television or cinema, yet you will only see them in reality as they save the lives of many children and women.”

Surprised by the responses, the Israeli activist intervened to ask whether they meant the Israeli army. 

“Yes, often we met Israeli soldiers who are doing a wonderful job in saving lives in many humanitarian aspects.”

“Humanity should thank the soldiers as they protect humanity,” he affirmed.


The remarks prompted anger online, with many rejecting the officials’ views on the “criminal” Israeli military.

The Emirati dissident, Hamid Al-Nuaimi, weighed in on the topic, noting “not even the US describes the Zionists as protectors of humanity.”

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“Even the Israelis (themselves) do not describe them as such, yet Zionists of the Gulf do,” he adds.

In a tweet responding to the interview, journalist Muhammad Al-Mubarak said criticized the Gulf rulers for giving “the extremists an opportunity to mock peace itself.”

He also added that some 200 Palestinian children are locked up in Israeli prisons.

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Meanwhile, writer Reem Al-Harami aimed at Israeli lobbies and Zionism’s efforts, which has been reduced to “Emirati creatures.”

“The problem is that we all know that they are liars and that they are phony and that everything they spew is just a blank expression. They are the lowest of low immorality.”

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