VIDEO EVIDENCE: Detailed clip of attack on Uzma Khan goes viral on social media

The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actor Uzma Khan may not be the most famous face in the Pakistan entertainment industry, but a series of viral videos has brought her in limelight.

A video is making rounds on the social media where two women, along with guards, barge into Uzma Khan’s house and wreak havoc: they damage property, beat the actress and her sister, and accuse them.

Uzma Khan finally took to social media and released her official statement on the issue with a plea for justice.

Uzma Khan wrote, “I have been shamed, blackmailed, harassed, been threatened to kill in the past 3 days. I feel I have nothing to lose now and I have decided to fight the strongest people of Pakistan. For me it is either I will get justice, or I will be killed, but there is no turning back now\\’\\’.

\\’\\’I will fight against daughters (Amber Malik & Pashmina Malik) of Malik Riaz who stormed into my house around midnight with 12 gunmen.” As per the details, she has taken up against some bigwigs\\’\\’.

The actress went on to state that she has filed a complaint against her alleged harassers. “I request Punjab police to register my FIR and conduct my and my sister’s Medical examination (my basic right) before our wounds start to heal. I hope I am as much of a Pakistani as Malik Riaz.”

Uzma Khan’s side of the story has enraged a lot of people.

Uzma\\’s attorney includes PM Imran Khan’s nephew Hassan Niazi and stab-wound survivor, Khadija Siddiqui.

Model-turned-actor Uzma Khan said she won’t keep quiet because she’s a woman, vulnerable and thus an easy target. She intends to fight until the last drop of her blood.

Watch the viral video here:

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