[VIDEO] Fahad Mustafa calls on live show to donate Rs. 20 lakh to a minor Hindu boy

The actor also requested others to come forward and donate money for the kid to meet the required medication amount.

The popular actor and leading game show host Fahad Mustafa donated Rs. 20 lakh, during a live show transmission, for the treatment of a minor Hindu boy suffering from thalassemia.

Details about what happened

In the recent episode of the Ramzan live transmission hosted by Waseem Badami and Iqrar-ul-Hasan, JDC Foundation’s Zafar Abbas was invited along with a Hindu doctor whose minor son was suffering from thalassemia.

While telling the heartbreaking story of his son, the Hindu doctor said:

I have helped everyone. There were times when I treated patients without taking fees. However, when it came to my son’s deteriorating health, even the most recognized charitable organizations backed by saying that charity is for Muslims only. There are no basic medical facilities for minorities of Pakistan.

The miserable father further shared:

My son has only 15 months left to receive proper treatment. After that, his case will become complicated and will cost Rs. 40 lakh (4 million).

As soon as the Hindu doctor shared his problems, the actor turned producer Fahad Mustafa called during the live show and pledged to donate Rs. 20 lakh for the boy’s treatment. The actor also requested others to come forward and donate money for the kid to meet the required medication amount.

When the host Iqrar-ul-Hasan asked Fahad Mustafa about the inspiration behind his donating decision, the actor said:

I don’t know; I don’t usually feel that way. But when I saw him, I had to call. May Allah give him long life, and Allah will definitely give long life to this kid.

Watch the full video here:

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  • Why are charities not extended to minorities?? It’s not zakat, charity is for everyone!!

    • I don’t think Health Card makes any distinction based on religious beliefs.

    • In pak it’s a misunderstand or whatever you say that masses thought we Can’t give charity to non Muslim which in really is not true and it’s mentioning in Quran aswel.

  • Koi Zafar Abbas k baray mein kuch bhi kahay laikin mai is banday k jazbay ko aur us ehsaas ko salam paish karta hun jo wo ghareebon k liaye rakhta hy. Aur Fahad Mustafa k liaye dhair saari duain KHUDA aap ko aur ziada izzat shohrat aur kamiyabiyan atta karay.

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