[VIDEO] Fahad Mustafa responds to rumors about him using ‘whitening injections’ for the first time

Fahad Mustafa has always been accused of using whitening injections as him skin color looks drastically lighter compared to when he started in showbiz.

The Actor in Law star Fahad Mustafa has been accused of using whitening injections. The rumours are stemming from how different his skin colour looks now as compared to when he joined showbiz.

However, for the first time, Fahad Mustafa opened up about it. During an interview on Momin Ali Munshi’s digital talk show, Fahad said that he ‘never had whitening injections’ but his complexion looks different now because of a change in the routine. He added that the introduction of new makeup techniques also created an impact.

”I did not get any whitening injections. However, ten years ago, we had a very harsh routine. We had to travel by buses, taxis and even bikes for work. But today, I have an entourage with me. Moreover, new makeup techniques and products have also been introduced,” Fahad Mustafa said.

”I do visit a skin specialist. Who doesn’t? Other than that, I follow a very strict skin regimen. However, these days, I am following a ‘no makeup’ routine. So this is my bare face. This is exactly how I look,” he concluded.


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