Video of Fawad Chaudhary slapping Sami Ibrahim makes it to social media

After the brawl being centre of attention for a while, the video of Fawad Chaudhary slapping Sami Ibrahim makes it to social media.



A few days back., verbal fight between Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhary and Sami Ibrahim took an ugly turn. The fight, previously restricted to Twitter and exchange of heated words intensified after Fawad Chaudhary slapped the senior journalist at a wedding in Faisalabad.

Following that, Ibrahim reportedly filed a complaint at Mansoorabad police station in Faisalabad and the copy of the complaint circulated widely on social media. In the complaint, Ibrahim alleged that the PTI minister slapped and cursed him without any provocation. He also accused that Fawad Chaudhary is threatening him.

The Minister for Science and Technology, showing absolute no remorse said in a response that the incident should be treated as a conflict between two individuals and not between two institutions. The statement further added that ”reacted after another person tried to wound his self-esteem”.

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He further said that blaming a patriotic Pakistani and government office holder as a traitor or an agent is against media ethics.

”To term a patriotic Pakistani and government office holder as an agent of (enemy agencies) is contrary to moral and journalistic ethics”

The Prime Minister personally took notice of the incident, condemned it and spoke to the journalist on a telephonic call. The premier made it evident that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leadership does not support any personal actions that hurt another person’s sentiment and self-respect.

”Government and media are two essential parts of the democratic process”

The clash between Chaudhary and Ibrahim came to limelight after the former went a little harsh on the  senior journalist for accusing him of plotting against PM Imran Khan and PTI. He also criticized the minister for using state vehicles for personal purposes when he was serving as Information Minister.

The video of the clash viral on social media:

After the clash becoming the center of social media discussion for a few days, the video of the incident has made it to social media:

People react:

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