VIDEO | Female Students Thrash Their Harasser Among Public

Harassment remains a persistent problem in Pakistan that women have to face in everyday interactions. From workplaces to educational institutions, markets, public transport – they remain a woman’s ordeal.

While it needs immense courage to stand against your harassers this boldly and bluntly, these two female students from Peshawar gave their harasser a beating of their lifetime.

The video was captured at Ramdas bazaar, where the woman can be seen fearlessly slapping the men, ultimately forcing them to flee from the scene.
Owner of the nearby shop told the local news source that the men were chasing and teasing the women for a few days now.

“When they attempted to talk to the women, one of them slapped the man on the motorcycle, while the other took the bike’s keys and started hitting the other” – he said. 

When the people gathered after they both got into an argument, the men began to deny the allegations while the women maintained that they are guilty. After the local started to intervene in the matter and started to question the alleged harassers, they both fled the scene.

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Here is the video of the incident:


Almost over 90% of women in Pakistan have faced some form of harassment by the age they reach 18. But if you travel by public transport, you may face it every single day. Pakistan is also ranked among the ten worst countries for women to live in. The ten countries on the list were India, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, Nigeria and the United States of America.

The USA was the only western country on the list after the viral #MeToo campaign.

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