Video: Feroze Khan Opens Up About His Journey From Showbiz Towards Islam

The star actor took to Twitter to make this big announcement.

After deleting his Instagram account just over a month ago, Feroze Khan recently announced that he has decided to quit the showbiz industry.

The star actor took to Twitter to make this big announcement.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Feroze Khan opened up about his decision to quit showbiz and embark on a spiritual journey. Khan termed performing Hajj the biggest blessing in his life.

I’m the most real now than I’ve ever been. I think you lose yourself in worldly desires so today I’m cutting them down and feeling a lot better about everything. The most pivotal point in my journey was Hajj. It was the biggest blessing in my life. Everything happened so last minute that it was obvious that Allah can make anything happen when He wants to,” he said.

Talking about deleting his Instagram, the Khaani actor went on to add that he doesn’t want to exploit what Allah has blessed him with for a few seconds of fame.

”I’ve just come to realize that I do not want to exploit what Allah has blessed me with for a few seconds of fame. It has really put me off with the idea of Instagram now. So, after Khuda Aur Muhabbat, I will also not be doing baseless dramas anymore. If there are projects where I get a chance to educate audiences, only then will I consider a project,” Feroze said.

“It’s all up to Allah, maybe he has chosen this for me. So I would much rather do something that educates people about the sensitivity of this life. I’m still around because I’ve been given more responsibility with this fame to guide people towards the right path,” Feroze Khan added.

Furthermore, when asked about choosing to play a role in his upcoming drama serial, Khuda Aor Mohabbat. He said that it was all because of the script as well as “the fact that its produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, who I consider to be my brothers. They are the only two genuine producers I know who care about the art and the artists and not just about making money.”

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