VIDEO: ‘General Bajwa is very genuine when he says that he wants a stable Afghanistan,’ UK army chief

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Posted by Adeel Habib on Saturday, August 21, 2021

The UK Army Chief, General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter, has said that the Pakistan Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Bajwa, wanted a stable and moderate Afghanistan.

During an interview with BBC world reporter, Yalda Hakim, the host inquired about the alleged safe havens of terrorists and the people of the Haqqani network in Pakistan.

The British Army Chief responded that Pakistan has lived with its challenges and hosts more than 3.5 million refugees on its soil.

UK Army Chief

“I am in no doubt that my opposite number in Pakistan General Bajwa is very genuine when he states that he wants a stable and moderate Afghanistan,” Carter said.

General Sir Nick Carter further went on to say it is hard to control who is there (Afghanistan) amongst them (Taliban) with so many people.

The British army commander said that Pakistan has now built a fence along the border and keeping a strict eye on the cross-border movement.

On the other hand, addressing cadets at the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul last week, General Bajwa said they expect the Taliban to honor their promises regarding women’s rights.

He affirmed Pakistan’s role to bring stability and peace to Afghanistan.

The COAS also emphasized that Pakistan made sincere efforts in the Afghan peace process to bring prosperity to the region.

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  • No media will show this, even sad part is our own media will not show that too just to support helicopter group Nawaz shreef corrupt .
    There is no media in Pakistan it’s all corrupt mafia support.

  • For sure doesn’t matter when you asking for peace, but your enemy is ready for war anytime. You have to be aggressive to deal with this kind of enemy

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