[VIDEO] Girl climbs on top of advertisement board to convince parents for love marriage

Sources state that the girl's mother was forcing her to marry a boy of the family's choice.

In Madhya Pradesh, a girl climbed on top of an advertisement board to protest against an arranged marriage and convince her parents to accept her wishes for love marriage.

Sources state that the girl’s mother was forcing her to marry a boy of the family’s choice. However, the girl demanded to marry a boy against her mother’s wishes.

The pictures of the incident are trending on social media. The photos show the girl sitting on the advertisement board and speaking on the phone.

Initially, no one noticed the girl, but later, crowds began to gather below.

Local media reports state that the police also reached the spot. Officers tried to convince the girl to climb down the board, but she refused.

While speaking to a media outlet, Pardesipura Sub-Inspector (SI) Ashok Patidar said:

The police personnel then contacted the boy she wanted to marry. The boy insisted that she come down, so the girl decided to climb down the advertisement board.

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