[VIDEO] Gulsim Ali tried Pakistani food and her reaction is PRICELESS!

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More Pakistani brands are making Turkish actors their brand ambassadors.

Pakistanis have been captivated by Turkish actors, ever since the Turkish series Ertugrul started airing in Pakistan, The Ertugrul fever gave rise to brands’ collaboration with Turkish celebrities. According to reports, almost all Pakistani brands rushed to Turkey to sign the series’ big names as their brand ambassadors.

The face of Maria B’s winter collection is a Turkish actress.

Maria B. also joined the league and made Didem Balcin (who played the role of Selcan Hatun in Drilis Ertugrul) the face of her winter collection. Now that the season is changing, Maria B. is set to launch the Summer collection, for which she decided to bring another Turkish actor on board. For the Summer collection, Maria B. has collaborated with Gulsim Ali, who played Aslihan Hatun in the drama serial Dilris: Ertugrul.

Gulsim Ali is the new face of Maria B’s summer collection.

As the new face of Maria B., Gulsim Ali has been involved in the photoshoots and professional brand ambassador tasks of the clothing brand. Alongside official undertakings, Maria B. is also making an effort to familiarize Gulsim with the Pakistani culture.

Recently, Maria B. made Gulsim Ali try some famous Pakistani dishes and sweets, including Barfi, Ladoo, Gulab Jamun, and Nehari.

Here is Gulsim Ali’s priceless reaction to Pakistani food:

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