VIDEO: Hamza Ali Abbasi for the first time reveals why he became an atheist before converting back to Islam

He said he wants to help the youth, address their queries and most importantly, allow them to ask questions so that 'no other Hamza Abbasi has to suffer'. 

Former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shared details about this journey from Atheism to Islam in the new viral video. He discussed the details responding to a question asked by Pakistani-American Muslim scholar Shaykh Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi.

After he made the decision to bid a permanent goodbye to showbiz, Abbasi said he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to Islam. He also shared that at one point, he had strayed away from religion and became an atheist, but 10 years of research convinced him to go back to Islam.

While we have seen Hamza Ali Abbasi speak on different aspects of his life very bluntly and unapologetically, Qadhi asked him something that everyone wants to hear about – Why exactly did he become an Atheist?

Responding to such a sensitive and personal question with a very positive attitude, Abbasi said that Pakistan, as a society, needs to change its attitude towards questions.

‘In Pakistan, the problem is that there is an extreme lack of tolerance. Whether it be politics, religion or anything, there is no tolerance. When I was young, I had some questions. But initially, I was discouraged to even ask them’, Hamza shared.

‘I had questions…like my religion says that I am a Muslim and only Muslims can go to heaven. Then what will happen to those five and a half billion people, who might be good at heart also? What happens to them? I wasn’t allowed to ask these questions. And even if I did, I wasn’t allowed to say that the answers I got were not satisfying me’, he continued. 

The attitude of ignorance:

Abbasi said that in Pakistan, there is an attitude of ‘arrogance’ within our religious clergy. The difference of opinion within religious circles is not taken a ‘disagreement’ but is imposed with a certain rigidity.

‘If they are told that some of their answers make sense to me, they assert that if some of our answers are correct, then you must agree to all of them. This attitude led me straying away because I could not find satisfying answers’.

‘No other Hamza Abbasi has to suffer’

Abbasi said the argument that religious people present saying ‘few things cannot be comprehended and hence need to be blindly followed’ will not last long. Due to the arrogant and self-righteous attitudes which prevailed in Pakistan, it took him a long time to find simple answers.

Hamza said that the motivation behind the change in his career path is not because he wants to be a ‘preacher’. He said he wants to help the youth, address their queries and most importantly, allow them to ask questions so that ‘no other Hamza Abbasi has to suffer’.

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  • So now as he openly accepted that he left Islam and became a non believer, so is he liable to be killed per as our mullas shairiat, for them he is done And dusted a fatwah may come any day, may Allah keep u mr Ali Abassi sage and sound amen !!

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