Video: Harbhajan Singh loses his cool at Pakistani fans alleging the India-Afghanistan match was fixed

Former Indian cricketer, Harbhajan Singh, isn’t happy with the Pakistani fans calling the India and Afghanistan match fixed. India registered two comfortable wins against Afghanistan and Scotland after losing against Pakistan and New Zealand.

The Afghanistan and India match has been among the headlines after an extremely poor performance from the Afghans. Fans alleged that the team led by Muhammad Nabi intentionally lost the game to make it easy for India to progress to the semi final.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Harbhajan Singh slammed the Pakistani fans for their allegations against the Indian cricket team.

“We accept that Pakistan have played very good cricket and everyone also appreciates them for playing so well against India and beating them. Congratulations on that. But if you start misbehaving by claiming that you play fair cricket and if we win, you doubt us, term it unfair, fixed then that is wrong. We all know your cricketers reputation,” he said.

The Indian cricketer went on to add that the Pakistani fans should enjoy the way their team is playing and need to stop levelling such accusations.

“Pakistan fans are unable to digest their win over India, which they got after waiting for so many years in World Cups. There is a way to talk and raise questions. But people are putting serious allegations against us, against Rashid Khan which is pretty cheap and disgraceful,” the 41-year-old added.

Ever since the world cup started, the ex-Indian cricketer has been involved in a number of controversies involving the Pakistan cricket team and its players. First, it was his on-camera and social media banter with Shoaib Akhtar. Later, him and Muhammad Amir were involved in an ugly Twitter spat. Things didn’t end there and he also got involved in arguments with Pakistani journalists.

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  • India mai logo ne fixing ni ki ap jo pak saaf ban rahe ho ap hm se zyda match fixers ho ipl mai daikh lo 1 1 runs or out ki fixing hoti hai or ap ki jali pri hai

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