Video: Hareem Shah now calls Mufti Qavi after Sheikh Rashid

Hareem Shah has now called Mufti Abdul Qavi after her video of calling Sheikh Rashid Ahmed went viral over the internet.

Hareem Shah calls mufti abdul qaviTikTok star Hareem Shah always finds a way to stay in the news. The renowned TikTok star is once again in the news headlines after a clip of her interview with Tabish Hashmi went viral over the internet.

Hareem Shah called the Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, but she was told off by the minister. Now, another video clip from the YouTube show is going viral over the internet.

This time, its the video of the controversial Mufti Abdul Qavi going viral. Hareem Shah called Mufti Abdul Qavi during show.

Watch the video:

Both Hareem Shah and Mufti Abdul Qavi have a long history. Earlier this year, the cleric was slapped by the TikTok star in a viral video. A video of the incident had created quite a huge controversy. Talking about the incident, Hareem Shah had said: ““I have no regrets. If men like him are punished, there will not be rapes in Pakistan.”

Hareem Shah Marriage Controversy:

Hareem Shah created another controversy in June this year when she announced that she has gotten married to “an active member from Pakistan Peoples Party.” Later, She  revealed the identity of her husband and also posted pictures with him on her Instagram.

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  • Es behaya orat ko koi rokny wala nhi hai? Kya tamasha lgaya huwa hai kabhi sheikh rasheed ko call to kabhi qavi jese behaya ko live call. Es program ko bhe ban krna chahiye mulak me fahadgi phailai hoi hai

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