Video: Health Minister visits PIMS as an ordinary patient

Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza visited Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) to investigate the quality of health services.

Health Minister visits PIMS as an ordinary patient


Quality of health services in Pakistani state-run hospital has always been under-criticism. The state of the healthcare department in Pakistan is deplorable. Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza, however, went to investigate the situation as an ordinary patient.

Speaking in the video, Health Minister said that he had to see a dentist hence he visited Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). 

The purpose of choosing the government health institution was to get experience about how the matters are being dealt with. He visited the hospital like an ordinary patient, without any additional protocol and spoke to the people there, getting to know their grievances.

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In his visit, he was interviewed and shared his thoughts about his experience. He said the visit was enlightening in a sense that it gave him a chance to know the prevailing situation better.


Health Minister and his visit as an ordinary patient:

Dr Zafar Mirza wanted to see a dentist and rather than choosing a private health institution, he felt it is his moral responsibility to refer to a public hospital and experience the situation himself. Minister said he should know the loopholes in the system he is trying to correct and improve.

He appreciated the hardworking staff but was appalled to see the strength. He said that the number of patients was low due to Ramazan and it is even more on regular days. As a result, it is very difficult for them to address them all.

He said they are planning to bring in systematic reforms and follow an organised agenda to produce results. They are determined to deal with all these challenges one by one.

People lauded his visit:

State of healthcare in Pakistan:

According to the new Economic Survey 2017-18, there is only one doctor to attend 957 people, one dentist for 9730 people while coming to hospital beds, there is only one bed to accommodate 1580 people. (Islamabad, Dawn News)

Not just that, the survey reveals that the caloric availability of major food commodities is estimated at around 2500 calories per person per day with minor improvements as compared to the past.

The said survey also claimed that a number of significant efforts are also being made to improve the situation, but the stats show they are futile.

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