Video: How did India’s prediction about attacks in Balochistan become true?

Notably, two days ago, a video clip from an Indian talk show went viral following the incident.


Reliable sources in Pakistan have claimed that as India is facing international humiliation due to its aggressive Occupied Kashmir policy, it is now trying to destabilize Pakistan through supporting Baloch insurgents.

Yesterday, Major Nadeem Abbas Bhatti and five FC soldiers embraced martyrdom in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack. Baloch insurgents reportedly carried out the strike.

Notably, two days ago, a video clip from an Indian talk show went viral following the incident. During the talk show, a retired major of the Indian Army Gaurav Arya openly hurled threats at Pakistan and projected a terror attack in Balochistan ‘in 10 to 15 days’.

Past Incidents

  1. Last year, security forces successfully blocked attempts to spread terrorism and violence in Gilgit, Baltistan. The forces also busted another network of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) involved in carrying out terrorist and extremist activities in Pakistan.
  2. According to media reports, the RAW took the BNF chairperson, Abdul Hameed Khan, to India in 1999, where he was given a three-star apartment in Dehli. RAW also gave identification proofs and amenities to Khan for starting a business in India, while his three sons had been provided expensive education in different schools and colleges in India and Europe.
  3. Similarly, four years ago, Pakistan arrested Kulbhushan Yadav, who is a serving naval officer of India, for destabilizing Pakistan through assisting Baloch insurgents.

The current government of Pakistan has a special focus on such cases and the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed the UN’s General Assembly and mentioned the case of Kulbhushan.

According to analysts, Pakistan needs to develop a discourse on an international stage while basing its arguments on these facts to expose the role of India in the destabilization of Pakistan.

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  • OK.. must be taken up with UN…but Indian must have to pay back…may Allah rest our Shaheeds in Jannah…We dont mourn shaheed ….we calibrate shahadat…but we must not let their blood go in vain…India must pay back…

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