VIDEO: Inspirational elderly woman refuses to accept ration bag, says she has food for 15 days

The COVID-19 crisis, while is quite a challenging phase, is also bringing the best in people.

The COVID-19 crisis has worst hit the lower class and daily laborers. But even in such challenging times, these people continue to set examples of empathy, generosity and resilience.

This viral video of an elderly under-privileged woman is truly an inspiration. During these times, when almost everyone is feeling insecure and has no idea of what happens next, people have shown exemplary resilience.

The woman has shown how to care for others even with the little we have. When she was approached by people who were conducting ration drive, she refused to accept it, saying she already has enough for 15 days.


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  • Looks like Indian region….but makes no difference….a human being with great self respect and dignity….a true eye opener…Bless her..

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