[VIDEO]: Is electronic voting really a bad idea?

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Pakistan on Wednesday passed a bill allowing the use of electronic machines for voting. Lawmakers also passed a draft to allow overseas Pakistanis the right to vote. The bills still must be approved into law by President Arif Alvi.

Why is electronic voting a bad idea?

In 2020, Russia’s Report from the Intelligence and Security Committee highlighted how the dispersed, paper-based nature of voting in the United Kingdom protects it from foreign cyber-interference.

It’s a reminder of one of the significant downsides of online voting.

In 2019, the English Youtuber, and Educator Tom Scott, rightly summarized the powerful arguments against electronic voting for public elections in his YouTube video.

Given his own expertise, it also makes the point that the problems with electronic voting look worse the more you know about how computers and security work.

Watch the video here!

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  • The person Writing this doesn’t know the EVM cannot be hacked unless it’s connected with internet.
    Secondly the EVM being proposed have paper trails.

    The issue is not really the EVM the issue is cleaning up the voter lists.
    The current voter lists have lots of flaws and have included dead people and people not present in the constituency.

    There should be a verifiable process to ? make sure that the person voting is the rightful voter and not voting on someone else behalf.

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