VIDEO | Islamic International University Student Allegedly Raped By Nephew of Professor, Needs Your Help For Justice

Sexual harassment at workplaces and the educational institute is an issue existing very acutely in our society but due to stigmatisation and students being afraid of facing consequences in their academic careers. Finding little to no support from the institutional structure, the women often tend to keep their mouths shut and suffer in silence.

Social media has provided everyone with an opportunity to take a stand against such oppressive and exploitive behaviour, garnering support and pressing for action. Another victim is in need of our voice in this regard!

According to a video shared by Stop Harassment Now, an online forum working actively for harassment victims, providing them with legal assistance and necessary counselling. Sidra Riaz is a student of Islamic Univerity (IIUI) – an institution known for its conservative atmosphere and gender discriminatory and alleges that she was harassed and raped by Asad Hashmi, nephew of IIUI Professor Javed Hashmi. The platform added that the truth cannot be determined at this moment, but they will support the matter for further investigation.

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Stop Harassment Now: Online Platform Providing Free Legal Assistance To Harassment Victims

Upon fining now help from the institution, the victim decided to record a video and share on social media, asking for justice. But she claims that she is now facing threats from her professor. She added that the university professor is pressurizing her and offering her to fund her education if she takes a step back. Here is the video she shared:

Sidra wants to take concrete action against her abuser and wants to pursue her case legally. But due to the pressure, she is facing and lack of support from the institute itself, she feels threatened. Her case has already been taken up by a human rights lawyer and she said she will pursue is after digging out the truth.

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