VIDEO | Juvenile Maid Working At Army Officer’s House Brutally Beaten By Employers, Shireen Mazari Responds

Modern Slavery is a prevalent problem in Pakistan, especially the younger children fall in the shackles of this brutality. When the world is debating the rare phenomenon of equality for religious, ethnic, sexual minorities – Pakistan is among the top three countries where modern slavery is still a reality in 2018.

Another incident depicting the urgency of the situation went viral on social media, where a juvenile maid was brutally beaten and tortured by her employers.

The wounded pictures were shared on social media by the neighbours of her employment place, who also revealed that the couple involved in such heinous brutality belong to Army and this is not the first time they subjected her to such brutal physical violence.

The girl is identified as Kinza, aged years 10-11 and was employed at the house of Major Ammara Riaz and her husband Dr Mohsin Riaz as house help. Living in Rawalpindi’s suburban town Chaklala. In the viral video, shared by local news sources and the Twitter community as well, the wounds can be seen on the poor girl’s body.

She was brutally beaten, subjected to physical torture often. She was even starved for days, beaten with a bat resulting in a clot in her eyes and the employer also stepped on her chest while she was sleeping.

The ordeal of the girl can be seen in the heart-breaking video, where she admits being beaten for stealing biscuits and nimko. These kids are often the vulnerable targets as they come in bonded labour or away from their homes, hence having nowhere to turn to. Their working conditions are compromised while being a target of other extreme forms of abuse as well.

The Twitter community as requester DGISPR and Shireen Mazari to urgently address the issue and punish the involved individuals.

Post social media reaction, Shireen Mazari shared the update on the incident, saying that the formal action has been taken. 

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