Video Of Lahore Railway Station Forcing Transgenders To Travel With Men Goes Viral – Watch It Here

Life of a transgender in Pakistan is full of challenges of survival, that no human being deserves to go through. Gradually the society is having a softer behavior towards them and some segments are fighting for their rights, but it will take a while. The behavior pattern that we have established and normalized over such a long time, that compels us to see being transgender as a ‘disability’ rather than a third gender with equal rights will take quite a time to change.

From being abandoned by their own families to spending their entire life questioning their placement in this ‘perfectly normal’ society, their struggle overshadows their capabilities, making them an incompetent part of the workforce, which has equal potential but very little opportunities.

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Though we have witnessed some powerful campaigns and people have voiced their support for their equal rights, we need to make an effort in individual capacity to make a change. And that definitely will not happen unless we are willing to at least give them basic rights and acceptance.

Apart from our shallow statements, here is the instance that tells a story otherwise. Two transgenders named Sara Gill and her friend were denied tickets on the Lahore Railway Station due to their gender identity.
Upon noticing their gender on the ID card, the ticketing officer told them to go sit in the male compartment. It infuriates Sara,  as it was obviously neither safe nor comfortable for them to travel till Karachi with men.
On such absurd demand, Sara started filming the incident. Upon noticing that he is being filmed, the ticketing officer changed his statement, saying there are no seats available with the females.

Here is the video:

The disappointed individuals went to everyone on the platform to help them get the tickets. She added that she is educated about her constitutional rights and knows no one can deny them the tickets by any law. Still, no one stepped forward to help them out.

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The unfortunate incident shows that we still have a long way to cover and a lot needs to be changed in our behaviors towards them.

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