VIDEO: Mahira Khan says she would’ve ‘married Ayeza Khan’ if she could

Recently, in an Instagram live interview, Mahira Khan expressed her love for her fellow actress Ayeza Khan.

“Had she not been married to Danish Taimoor, I would have married her. She is that pretty!” said Raees actress.

Although the entertainment industry is a place where relationships are never constant. Every day we get to see a new story, which unfolds between celebrities.

However, it’s so good to see how Mahira Khan is making such significant changes in the way the industry perceives the actresses’ relationships with each other. She has proved that she is a star for a reason!

The diva, Mahira Khan, started her career as a VJ  and made her debut on the silver screen with the film Bol alongside Atif Aslam in 2011. She also won The Lux Style Award for Best Television Actress. Mahira also made it to Bollywood for the film ‘Raees’ with the King Khan – Shah Rukh Khan.

While Ayeza Khan started her career at a very young age as Pakistani television actress and over the years she has earned a lot of love in the industry. Her recent blockbuster drama ‘Meray Pass Tum Ho’ was such a huge success that it pulled crowds to the cinemas. Both of them are true gems of our Pakistani Entertainment Industry.

  • This is how u can promote lesbian culture in Pakistan. بیڑے ای غرقے گئے نے

  • woow really, oh thsts so cool,


    P.S WHO Cares

    Whatever she does gets reported here. Qamar J Qureshi is a big fan of her or maybe a stalker lol

  • اس طرح کی بکواسیات معاشرے کے لئے اچھی بات نہیں ھے مزاخ میں بھی اس طرح کی حرام باتیں نہ کیں جائیں یہ دو دو تکیے کے لوگ معاشرے میں کیا رول ادا کر رہے ہیں ان لوگوں کو شرم آنی چاہیے

  • buss ubb aap keya kersektey hein…..jis society mein loug sirf Masajid es leye bunatey hein ke merney ke baad sawaab hu gaa….lekin zindgi mein dosroon ka jena bhi Haram kerdety hein…jhoot aur Haram maal kamaaker apne zindgi ki araam dhondtey hein….tu waha per es kism ki cheezein milen gii aap ku…………

  • Keeya fazool bukwas considering pakistani culture she should think twice before saying things like that, girl girl relationships are considered lesbian. There are other ways to express pagal dee putur. Corona kee wajah sae ghurr mein sara dinn rehh kurr baewaqoof buntee jarahee hae

  • میں بھی دانش تیمور سے شادی کرلیتا 

    بلاول زرداری 

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