Video Of This Man Giving Winter Gifts To Hardworking Old People On Streets Will Make Your Day – Watch Here

As said that wherever is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. But it depends if you are considerate and more than it, fortunate enough to recognize that.
It is falsely perceived that to make a difference, you need to be in a certain position or have the influence to do that, but every human in itself has that capacity to change someone’s life and their perspective about themselves if they want to.

TARS Foundation (Timely Aid and Relief Support) is a registered non-profit and non-governmental organization determined to deliver to the poor community of Peshawar. The organization works for the orphans, widows, daily laborers and a financially unstable segment of the segment that struggles to meet even their necessary needs.

They are running various food projects, that include distribution of free meals on certain roads, monthly ration packages distribution, special meals on special events and Ramadan exclusive packages. Apart from this, they also provide monthly cash distribution, educational expenses, and occasional/seasonal financial assistance.

To show how little acts of kindness and compassion can help spread a big smile, this video was recorded and touched many people.

Disclaimer: The organization has explicitly clarified that not all the efforts and contributions are videotaped and shared on social media due to privacy concerns and of course as it is not necessary. But the ones shared are for motivational and inspirational purposes.

Watch The Beautiful Video Here:


Acts of kindness and words of compassion cost nothing, but the impact they have on an individual is beyond imagination. While the less fortunate have to strife for what most of us are blessed with, the only way to thank for it is to share it and contribute to the society.

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