Video of a man making offensive sexual advances towards a teenager goes viral on social media

In the video, a man can be seen making offensive sexual advances toward a child who looks like a teenager.


A social media user named Faisal Hayat has shared a child sexual abuse video and brought to light our collective attitude towards pedophilia.

In the video, a man can be seen making offensive sexual advances toward a child who looks like a teenager.

Hayat said the video was widely shared in meme groups, and people were laughing at it when pedophilia and harassment are nothing to be laughed at.

He posted, “I came across this video in a meme group, and people, mostly youngsters, are laughing at it. Our mistake is that we have normalized pedophilia and our children have to go through the trauma in their childhood.”

He added, “This is the filthiest part of our society, and it is happening in every city and village. It is an absolute disgrace.”

So i came across this video in a meme group, and people ( mostly youngsters are laughing like a fucking donkey ), It is our mistake that we have normalized paedophilia and our generations have to go through the trauma in child hood, And then MEN cry that men also get raped but don't come on roads , peer pressure and what not , you know why, because its the men who normalized it. Men normalized child abuse and later cry if someone stands up for the basic rights. From qari sahb jokes to londaybaz, we have normalized a serious crime. whats so funny about a khanzeer londaybaz manipulating a young kid?? Manipulation does not mean CONSENT. This is the filthiest part of our society and it IS happening in every city and village, you can't deny, Next time you see your brother commiting suicide or having scars. Don't cry, its your shit humor who made him do this.FOR GOD SAKE , don't normalize it. Imagine yourself or your own kid in place of this young boy and ill ask you how you think its funny. This is an absolute disgrace. If you my friend qlso find it funny, feel free to unfriend me.

Posted by Faisal Hayat on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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  • gayism is mulk ke har tabqay mein common hai.. Allah ka azab kab aye ga ye ab aik big Q mark hai. wait n see

  • ویڈیو دیکھنے کہ بعد بلاول نے بھی اس بندے سے دوستی کا فیصلہ کر لیا

  • Pehlayto yeh k bacha jo k 15 16 ka lag raha hai idhar akaila room main aya kiun….parents shud keep a close watch on their kids…. there is always two sides of a story… Wallah hu Alam.

  • Aaj k dour mai parents ko openly bachoon say yeh batain karni chahiya k log kaisay exploit kartay hain, kaisay un ko deal aur apnay aap ko defend karna hai. It’s a high time to discuss these with girls as well as with boys.

  • We badly need small shureeya courts where quick decisions are made to give koerae and jail to clean the society.
    But why the teenager who looks 16-18 letting this guy kiss him etc. Is he too gay. Parents responsibility keeping an eye on their kids or talk to them regularly.

  • اس طرح کی ویڈیو کی تشہیر کرنا ، فحاشی اور گند کو مزید پھیلانے کے مترادف ہے

    • Bas yahi sooch kar na maa beti say baat karti hai na baap betay say aur (Allah sab k hifazar karay ameen) agar kuch ho jai to phir kis ko ilzam dena..unfortunate incidents alag baat hai lakin iss tarha kay logon ko identify karna aur un ko sabaq seekhana zaroori hai.

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