Video Of McDonald’s Asking A Muslim Girl To Take Her Hijab Off Goes Viral – Watch It Here

Unfortunately, Muslims being subjected to hate speech and discriminatory behavior is a common sight recently. Either the incidents have generally increased or people have started to gather the courage to speak about them publically or on social media platforms now.
This particular incident is not only a shameful case because every human being deserves to be treated with respect and dignity but such behavior from a well-reputed fast food chain raises questions on their customer dealing practices.

A 19-year-old girl was asked to remove her hijab on Mcdonald’s located on Sister’s Road in Holloway, London in order to avail services and get the food served.

The girl filmed the entire incident and doesn’t stop the recording while the staff repeatedly asks her to do so.
In the video, the girl can clearly be seen questioning the security guard that why she cant enter, however, the guard is seen persistent on his stance. Later there is some leniency in the way he is talking, but that is when he realized that she has started to film the hate crime.
Here is the video of the incident:

It is very disgraceful for such a reputed fast food chain to treat a customer like this. Not only that, this also highlights the struggles that Muslims are facing across the world.

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