[VIDEO] Meera Jee reads mean comments from people and responds in the most SAVAGE way!

Meera Jee surely knows how to stay in the spotlight.

Meera Jee stirs up more controversies.

Meera Jee, an esteemed actress of the Pakistani entertainment industry, has often found herself surrounded by controversies. Sometimes her English speaking skills made the headlines, and at other times the news of her marriage took the internet by storm. 

Regardless, film star Meera Jee surely knows how to stay in the spotlight.

Baaji movie starring Meera Jee.

Recap of Meera Jee’s entertainment career

The actress started her career in 1995 with the Lollywood movie Kaanta. The actress’s debut film was an instant hit. From thereon, Meera Jee jumped from one film to another; the actress starred in many Bollywood and Lollywood films, including Nazar, Khilona, Dunya Hai Dil Walon Ki, Chief Sahab, Harjaai, and Rukhsati.

Recently, Meera Jee played the lead role in the movie Baaji and created a major impact on the Pakistani audience. 

What controversy did Meera Jee get involved in now?

Meera Jee’s Latest Controversy

In a recent interview, Meera Jee replied to a few mean comments. The actress doesn’t believe in being politically correct, and her answers reflected the same. Meera Jee’s replies made us wonder that regardless of how many people love her or hate her, NO ONE can ignore Meera Jee! 

Watch Meera Jee reply to mean comments in the following video:


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