Meghan Markle’s rare video from 1990 ‘pretending’ to be queen viral on the internet


Meghan Markle willingly left the royal life because she realized that it wasn’t for her. Did she really not want to become a princess and wear a tiara? Maybe not. However, a video doing the rounds on the internet is telling a different tale.

Recently, a video from Meghan Markle’s childhood surfaced on the internet, which showcased her desire to become a royal family member.

A media outlet recently unearthed the video in which Meghan is playing dress-up and pretending to be a Queen. The video was taken at Meghan’s former best friend, Ninaki Priddy’s birthday party. The footage shows all the kids at the party participating in the play session and adhering to ‘Queen Meghan Markle’.

The Home Video’s Details:

Ninaki’s mother enters the garden with a camera to record the young kids. Meghan instantly notices the camera, and excitedly brings it to everyone’s attention by saying:

You guys, look, we are on videotape! Come here, you guys!

Then Meghan fully gets into the zone and tries to ape a clapper board used in the films, yelling:

Your Royal Highness, take one!

After that, Meghan hops around playing the role of the Queen. All her friends join in on the act. One of her friends asks:

Your Highness, your Highness, isn’t there anything to do around this kingdom anymore?

To which, Meghan responds:

Yes, make 900,000 cookies. And sew me a lovely dress.

Another kid at the party plays along and asks:

Can I take a walk, your Highness?

‘Queen Meghan’ responds by saying:

Yes, you may.

She then goes on to call for a ten-minute break, which ends almost immediately. The play then continues, and Meghan goes around yelling:

Faster sewing! Faster cooking!

At the end of the video, Meghan’s friend says:

Your Highness, Your Highness, great party!

And a delighted Meghan exclaims:

Oh, I am so glad you are enjoying it!

Watch the full video here:

This video hints that Meghan’s desire to become a royal family member had been budding from childhood.

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