[VIDEO]: Mira Sethi Has Canceled Nauman Ejaz For His Opinion On #MeToo Movement

Mira Sethi invites Adnan Siddiqui for an interview.

Recently, Mira Sethi invited Adnan Siddiqui on her show for an interview but made some exciting revelations of her own.

While asking Adnan Siddiqui about his favorite actors, Mira Sethi openly declared that she doesn’t like Nauman Ijaz’s acting now, even though she was previously a fan.

Detailed Account of What Happened

Replying to Mira Sethi’s favorite actors’ question, Adnan Siddiqui said:

There are a lot of people whose work is good. Nauman Ijaz is one of them. Although Nauman Ijaz makes random statements about things, he’s good at his craft.

To that answer, Mira Sethi took a meaningful pause and bluntly said:

I have a lot of disagreement with Nauman Ijaz’s statements about things.

Mira Sethi explained that her views about Nauman Ijaz changed after his statement about the “Me Too” movement. She said:

I was a huge fan of Nauman Ijaz’s acting, but after his “Me Too, He too, She too” statement, I don’t like him.

Nauman Ijaz’s “Me Too” Statement:

She further asked Adnan Siddiqui whether the movement is being ridiculed in men’s private gatherings or not, to which Adnan replied:

It must be happening; I don’t know.

Mira Sethi concluded the topic by saying:

It’s wrong to discuss or bash a movement like this.

Watch Mira Sethi’s full interview here:

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