Video: Muhammad Kaif’s Son Thinks Batting Against Shoaib Akhtar Must Be Easy, Akhtar Proposes Match Between Him & His Son

With live sports games suspended across the globe amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Sports channels are retelecasting matches from the past.

One of the biggest sports channels in the world, Star Sports, is also doing the same. Recently, Star Sports showed the epic 2003 world cup battle between Pakistan and India.

Today’s young generation is finally getting to see what was it like to watch Shoaib Akhtar running full-speed at batsmen aiming to knock them over. However, former Indian cricketer, Muhammad Kaif’s son thinks it must have been easy to bat against the world’s fastest bowler.

The Indian cricketer shared a video of his son watching the two arch-rivals, Kaif’s son explains why it would be easy to bat against Shoaib Akhtar.

“But it also good if he bowls fast because if you hit it, it will go fast,” Kabir said.

The 39-year-old had also tagged Shoaib Akhtar in his tweet.


Replying to Muhammad Kaif’s tweet, Shoaib Akhtar proposed a match between his son and Kaif’s.

“Toh phir @MohammadKaif match ho jaaye Kabir aur Mikael Ali Akhtar ka? He’ll get his answers about Pace. Haha Give him my love,” Akhtar’s reply read.

Here’s his tweet:

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