VIDEO | Nauman Ijaz vs Humayun Saeed: What is going on between them?

Humayun responded to Ijaz's viral video during popular game show Jeeto Pakistan.

A video of Naumaan Ijaz is making rounds on the internet in which the veteran criticized the acting skills of Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui.

In the clip, Naumaan says that he hasn’t seen the drama Meray Paas Tum Ho, further adding that Humayun needs to work on his acting skills.

He said that usually, people grow and improve over the years, but Humayun hasn’t.

‘’Maybe if he works hard, he might end up learning the art’’, Ijaz said. He mockingly added that one should never lose hope.

Vasay Chaudhary, who is with him in the video, then asked Naumaan about Adnan Siddiqui. To this, he responded that Adnan is following the footsteps of Humayun.

‘’If Allah has blessed him with success in this age, then it is never too late (for him to learn)’’, Ijaz said. To this, Vasay burst out laughing.

Humayun responded to these comments while appearing on ARY’s popular game show Jeeto Pakistan. The host of the show, Fahad Mustafa, shared that he played Humayun’s son from his fourth wife in his first drama.

To this, Humayun responded by saying that Naumaan Ijaz also played his father in his first drama. He also added that even today, Naumaan can play his (Humayun) father.

”Lekin woh aaj bhi meray Abba banain gey, meri next film main”, Humayun laughed.

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  • May be he is right to some extent but not nice comments. He is a very good actor these comments does not suit him. Anyways what can we say……

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