[VIDEO] Neelum Muneer shares when her ‘fans’ paid her restaurant bill

Neelum has an amazingly loyal fanbase!


Pakistan’s confident actress Neelum Muneer is very popular among fans because of her fine acting skills. The Pakistani actress and model, famous for her roles in Jal Pari And Dil Mom Ka Diya, has a long list of strong performances attributed to her.

Neelam Muneer has a very loyal and strong fan base because of her exceptional acting talent. Undoubtedly, her fans can do just about anything for her. Such an incident was shared by Neelam in a recent TV appearance.

The actress recalled how her fans have spotted her in restaurants, and have surprised her by paying for her meals.

“It has happened to me twice that whenever I went to eat out and asked for my bill, I was told that it had been paid for. My fans pay for my meal, and I often get angry with the management about how they can accept the bill from just someone else,” said Neelam.

Currently, Neelam Muneer stars in ARY Digital’s Bikhray Moti.

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  • This mean Kameenee aurat should say thanks to whoever has paid her bill.

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