VIDEO: Nida Yasir bursts into tears while talking about how social media bullied her for COVID-19

"Some asserted that this is a drama", Nida Yasir.

It’s been nearly three weeks that Pakistani television host, former actress, and model Nida Yasir, along with her family, fell prey to the coronavirus. Thankfully, the entire family has recovered from it.

The actress-turned-host was socially active through different networking sites during her quarantine to remain in touch with her fans.

Yesterday, the 46-year-old made her first appearance in her show after testing negative. Nida burst into tears while sharing how haters reacted to her and her family’s ailment.

“My Instagram inbox was flooded with messages with prayers, but many people gashed us as well. They accused us of being paid by the government. Some asserted that this is a drama, while others showed hate by highlighting that we deserved this because we used to work. However, all fraternity members, called and sent prayers and made us feel that we are not alone. Because of these prayers, we have now recovered.”

Here is a video of what Nida Yasir said:

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