[VIDEO] Nur Jehan once kissed ‘another woman’ on camera – Twitter reacts!

The viral video is a 15-second scene from Hassan Tariq's 1959 movie Neend.

Nur Jehan once kissed a woman.

We all recognize Malika-e-Tarannum Madam Nur Jehan for her glorious singing and acting days. This Pakistani icon gave us songs that we cherish and movies that are classics.

However, recently a short clip of one of Madam Nur Jehan’s movies surfaced on the internet and garnered mixed reactions. In the short video, Madam Nur Jehan can be seen kissing another woman.

The viral video is a 15-second scene from Hassan Tariq’s 1959 movie Neend. The cast of the film includes many renowned names like Diljit, Asad Jaafri, Nur Jehan, Neelo, and Aslam Pervaiz. If this doesn’t ring a bell, maybe the song ‘Akeli Kahin Matt Jana Zamana Nazuk Hai’ might ring a bell; this popular song is from the movie Neend.

Here is how the Twitterati reacted to Madam Nur Jehan’s viral video clip:

Some taunted the Pakistani cinema:

Others equated Madam Nur Jehan’s role as being an activist for gay rights:

Many appreciated Madam Nur Jehan’s role as an actor:

Watch the full movie Neend here:

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  • it is not Noor Jehan who kisses another woman rather it is Neelo (M/o Shan) who kisses Noor Jehan.

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