Video of a fake faith healer residing in a grave goes viral [VIDEO]

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faith healer

Recently, a video of a fake faith healer sitting inside a grave went viral on the internet.

As per details, the faith healer had made himself at home inside a grave at a cemetery in the area. It can be seen in the video that he also had a sleeping bag and kept edibles with him.

Multiple tunnels were dug around the grave leading up to the one where the faith healer was residing to baffle people and fool them into paying him a large amount of cash for apparent ‘black magic.’

The local police took notice of the development and arrested the fake healer.

مریدوں کے پکارنے پر پیر صاحبقبر سے جواب دیتے تھےپنجاب پولیس کو پتا چل گیاتو پیر صاحب کو آواز سمیتقبر سے ہی باہر نکال لیا۔۔??

Posted by Muhammad Tahir on Monday, April 5, 2021

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  • The same way Nawaz and Zardari fooled innocent Pakistanis to vote for them for decades.

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