Video of a Pakistani bride wearing astounding long lehenga goes viral

Watch the video here!

long lehenga

A video circulating on social media made people supremely appalled as it is unusually bizarre yet attention-grabbing. We are sure you must be quite familiar with the traditional wedding wear that Pakistani brides like to wear at their main event, the ‘Baraat’ function. The specific attire is known as ‘lehenga.’

However, a certain video has inflicted a storm over social media, and it features a stunning bride sitting on the stage. At the same time, she dons an extremely long ‘lehenga.’ It is the first time we see a ‘lehenga’ so long and stitched so marvelously.

As the bride and groom pose for their wedding photo shoot, the bride’s beautiful long ‘lehenga’ has been draping the entire stage and even taking the space beneath the stage area.

Though some people might not understand the logic behind a style like this, we must admit that the idea is strangely appealing and gives an eccentric touch to the whole experience.

Watch the video here:

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  • کیا فائدہ ایسے نمائشی لباس کا جسے پہن کر یہ عورت دو قدم بھی نہیں چل سکتی حتی کہ پیچھے دو چار بچیاں اس کا لہنگا اٹھا کر ساتھ ساتھ چلیں
    ویسے بھی قبر میں تو دو گز کفن کے ساتھ اتر جانا ہے بندہ اپنی اوقات دیکھ لے تو کبھی ایسی نمائشی حرکات نہ کرے

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