Video of a Young Girl Being Groped By Dozens of Men Circulates on Social Media

A screenshot of the video

A video of a young girl being groped by dozens of men at the Minar-e-Pakistan is widely circulating across social media. Reportedly, the incident happened on August 14th.

According to the Twitter user Nida Abbas who shared the on social media, “this is one of the many videos that are being shared on WhatsApp groups showing how men were groping her and touching her.”

Punjab Chief Minister’s focal person on digital media – Azhar Mashwani – took notice of the video and added that he is sharing it with relevant authorities.  So far, no arrests have been made.

The video is facing severe backlash over social media. Here’s what the netizens are saying:

FIR Registered:

An FIR has been registered against 400 men for harassing and looting the women. In the FIR, the girl stated that she and her friends were making videos when around 300-400 men attacked her.

She added that her friends tried to help her out but the crowd was too big. Moreover, the TikToker also said the security guard opened the gate to the enclosure around Minar-e-Pakistan in an effort to get her away from the crowd.

“However, the crowd was huge and people were scaling the enclosure and coming towards us. People were pushing and pulling me to the extent that they tore my clothes. Several people tried to help me but the crowd was too huge and they kept throwing me in the air,” she said.

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  • What exactly is the fuss about??? I don’t see any groping or abuse! It could be that someone is ill and she is being helped.
    How can people make the comments that they have been by just looking at this clip!!?? Am I missing something?

    • Are you fucking serious? Ek larki ko medical aid chahiye toh uss ko zyaada say zyaada 2 mardon ki zaroorat hai, not hundreds of men trying to touch her. Cant you see? They are trying to touch her and pushing. You are really fucking blind

    • Naila you piece of shit you are a big fucking slap to all the women who stand for their rights you have the audacity to say what the fuss is about i would have seen your reaction if the same shit happened and someone finger your couchie i bet you will never sleep in peace again you blind hoe!

      • Why are you being abusive? I have commented on the video, I have seen it again and I don’t see any grouping. You and others who are reacting to my comment- the language shows that you are the ones with twisted mind.
        Someone mentioned that there are other videos which show the girl been groped, if that is the case then needless to say that it is a disgusting incident and the culprits should be given the severest punishment.
        Please for God sake learn to have a mature discussion instead of being abusive and getting emotional. If you get abusive then you are no better than people that you are condemning.

        • please educate yourself before speaking.You should be looking for the other videos yourself. If medical aid is needed like Halah said she would not need 100s of men trying to touch her. the men are clearly trying to grope her and a fir was reported. what you said was clearly rude and disrespectful to only the victim and many women that try to get justice. This is me respectfully replying to your comment and having a mature conversation with someone who does not seem mature:)

    • There ain’t just this only clip
      There are many more where we can clearly see what’s happening stop supporting the abusers

      • You’re right, im a teenager and not used to these kind of news and stuff,
        My heart is broken now, i just tried open my eyes in this world and this happened, why there is no justice in Pakistan?? I can’t understand this adult world, wish i died in my childhood… I was not ready for this… ? Please someone arrest these abusers, im crying right now please someone

    • Yep you are not missing something but you are missing so many things, if she need a medical help then she was there with six friend’s of her. and if 400 people helping her then why men’s are touching and throwing her in the air? don’t you see that how they grouped, insulted and abused her. Kindly don’t post comment like this because we don’t know how victim is feeling right now…..
      don’t support abuser they actually deserve severe punishment.

    • 100% agreed. The girl said 300-400 men attacked. There are hardly 10-15 men around her. Secondly, why do any normal woman would want to go in such crazy rowdy crowd? When you have a desire to go, then these things happens. Not only in pakistan, but there is famous incident in Germany. Its same thing.

  • Madarchod hamara prime minister kehta hay, mardo ko kesy control karoon, wo robot to nhi. Oye behnchoda, hamary mulk ko wapis 500 saal peechy na ly k ja, phuddi diya, society ko open karny ki targeeb dy , yeh dalla ulta rohaani universites bana raha hy. Haramzadon k pass jobs hay koi nhi, healthy activity hay nhi, kanjar govt law and order rakh nhi sakti, tou yehi haraampanna hoga jo horaha hy

    iss kutti k bachay ko koi bataye k khud tou apny bachay England mayn choray hoay hyn, tera behnchod stake hi kiya hy iss mulk mayn , yahn bus issay islamic aur roohani system chayey, madarchod jobs do logo ko, shadiyan asan karo, behnchod milny do larky aur larki ko, azad karo logo ko aur policing behter karo. Wahan inn behn k loro nay tawajju nhi deni, aur kehna hay larki k kapry theek nhi, oye dallon yahan bakri mehfooz nhi, murday mehfooz nhi aur yeah apni maa aurat k kapron mayn yawa rehay hayn

    • Sorry. Indian Cow-shit eating rapists will not be allowed to come here and spew their filth. Go back to india and sleep with Modi!

  • All I know is that we should stop calling ourselves Muslims and we should stop portraying that we follow and love out holy prophet pbuh. This is our true face. And this is what happens when we keep the public deprived of everything. West is somewhat better. There is some exposure for people to be around each other that’s why they don’t become such beasts just by looking at a female. Is this the shariat they talk about. They have made our holy prophet and God very angry. So they should be severely punished. But it will all be forgotten in 6 to 7 days. That is the history of every such thing in Pakistan. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

    • 1200 women were Sexually Assaulted in Germany in 2015. not a single person has been caught yet. Anytime when such incidents happen in crowd, its impossible to save or catch anyone. But no, just cuz of that, no body will allow you to start worshipping gaow matta and drink Modi’s urine. Nice try India dumb shit!

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