Video of Another Young Girl Getting Harrassed on Independence Day Surfaces on the Internet

Video of Another Young Girl Getting Harrassed on Independence Day Surfaces on the Internet

Just two days after the unfortunate Minar-e-Pakistan incident, another video of young a girl getting harrassed has gone viral over the internet. The video shows the victim along with another woman and a kid getting chased by youngsters on bikes.

In the video, one of the harrassers forcefully kisses the girl while the other woman by her side tries to protect her. Apparently, this video is also from independence day.


The police has already started an investigation into the Minar-e-Pakistan incident and multiple suspects have already been arrested. Earlier today, Inspector General Punjab Police, Imam Ghani, announced the removal of Divisional SP, SSP Operations and DIG Operations Lahore from their posts. SHO and SDPO have also been suspended for their alleged negligence.

It remains to be seen whether a similar inquiry is ordered into this incident or not.

Author’s Take:

After the Minar-e-Pakistan incident, despite how the girl was harrassed, some social media users have been blaming the victim for inviting people there for meet up.  Although, it’s a well known fact that the only person responsible for harassment and rape is the culprit but still victim blamers work over time to put the blame on women.

In this case, the girl wasn’t wearing any “indecent” clothes neither had she invited people for meet up but she still got sexually harrassed. It’s time for everyone of us to start condemning the harrasser rather than putting the blame on the victim.

  • In haraam zadoon key saray aam chithrol karni chaiyay.
    Aik dou ko latka dou aainda koi bhi yeh karnay say phelay 100 bar soochay ga.
    Jaanwar say bhi battar hay yeh loog.

  • مال حرام پر پروان چڑھی عوام یہی کر سکتی ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔یہ تو پھر غیر عورت تھی یہاں تو سگی بیٹیوں، بہنوں اور ماں تک کو نہیں چھوڑتے۔۔۔۔۔کیونکہ سب کو معلوم ہے کہ پیسہ دے کر چھوٹ جائیں گے۔۔۔۔۔

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