Video of Pakistani man ‘harassing’ Turkish women goes viral

Pakistani man caught harassing Turkish women

A video of a Pakistani man ‘harassing’ Turkish women has gone viral on social media.

The video circulating on Twitter shows a youngster making TikTok videos with women in the background at different places. He can also been taking selfies with women walking on the streets without their consent.

A Twitter account Türk Avaz, which has over 67 thousand followers, posted the video. “The invading remnants, who have never seen a “woman with visible hair” in their lives and have not had their share of civilization and humanity, continue to harass our Turkish women and share them on social media,” reads the caption of the video.

Watch the video:

Its not the first video which has gone viral on social media. There are a number of other videos where little kids are also being harassed by making their videos without their consent.

Recently, the hashtags ‘Pakistani Perverts’ and ‘Pakistani Get Out’ have been trending on social media. Furthermore, as per reports, Turkey has also tightened visa policy for Pakistani national.

They were found to be involved in criminal activities such as the kidnapping of a Nepali citizen at the hands of six Pakistanis. As per a report by a local news channel, Turkish government has stopped issuing temporary residence permit for Pakistanis.

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  • یہ میرے پٹواری ہیں. کوئی انہیں کچھ نہ کہے

  • I do not see any harrassment. It will be impossible to make a normal video in Istanbul, because these people will misunderstood and target normal tourists. Whenever you to go a tourist destination, u make such videos to show the background and yourself. How it is harrassment? Even if it is and Turkish people are protesting, they should take legal action and deport them rather than targeting the whole country and labelling all Pakistan men (Perverts/Predators). Turkish gangs were actively involved in human trafickking during EU migrant crisis. Germans are also fed up with Turkish people. I can also find similar stuff done by Turkish men in the netherlands. They are so racist and baised. If a western person making such videos, turkish people will not mind. There are Turkish roma community living in Turkey, they should bring first bring civilization there rather than targeting Pakistan nation. There are good and bad people but they r being disrespecful.

    • Agreed. True and wise words. The crimes Turkish gangs are involved in are heinous. Pakistani media should always counter such a narrative instead of spreading it.

  • Turkish people are confused as well. They considered themselves “Secular” and not relate anything with Islam. They do celebrate Ramadan and Qurbani and at the same time, drink alcohol. There names are Muslim and they even forced Balkan people during the Ottoman empire to change their names and religion and now they are calling themselves SECULAR just to get into EU. Hypocrites. The associate these celebrations as part of their TURKISH CULTURE rather than associating with ISLAM.

  • Go to this man’s Twitter timeline and check his mindset. Ye banda tourist ko invaders bolta hai (translation of his tweets via google translate shows so). Koi zehni marez type ka banda hai

  • omg

    please understand that if you go out of the country, you are representing the whole nation

  • It is pretty sick what this person is doing. Is it only limited to him or his Pakistani kind. No! This sickness is present in every group/community/country.

    Turks would not appreciate if the entire nation is labeled in negative way just because of what their rotten apples are doing in other countries.

    Same way, if our rotten apples (so what if we have more of them than many other countries – except our neighbor (no, not India, the other one [ who blur out hands, forearms, feet, and ankles etc.) would do something like this then they should be punished according to local law.

    A crime of an individual should not result in neither embarrassment nor punishment of a nation. (Of course, unless our leaders, as individuals act in a corrupt or immoral ways; of course, then we should be ashamed of ourselves for selecting them).

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