Video of YouTuber Luke Damant getting scammed at Clifton beach goes viral

Luke Damant

If you use social media, you must have come across videos of Australian YouTuber Luke Damant. In the recent times, a number of foreign YouTubers have come to Pakistan. They have nothing but appreciation for the hospitality of the Pakistani people.

Luke Damant is, arguably, the most popular foreign YouTuber here. He has come to Pakistan two times in the last couple of months. Just like other YouTubers, he has also been impressed with the hospitality here.

However, the Australian YouTuber almost became victim of a scammer at the Clifton beach. In the video, a youngster asks for 3,000 rupees after initially agreeing 200 for a horse ride. Luke Damant tries to give him 500 but he continuously asks for three thousand.

Eventually, the YouTuber seeks the help of some locals there, who then pay 500 extra from their own pocket to settle the matter. After the video went viral, a number of Pakistanis expressed their anger on social media and apologised to the YouTuber.


Later, Luke Damant also penned a note about the hospitality of Pakistani people. “Very rarely will you find yourself in a situation like this in Pakistan but it does happen often at Clifton Beach. If you are caught in this tourist scam, immediately go to the closest Pakistani and I can guarantee that they will help just like these legends helped me!”

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  • clifton beach pe koi bhi vlogger gaya hai, un ke sath yeh horse owners aur Quad owners ne galt behave hi kia hai. ek vlogger ke sath to photographer ne bhi galt kia.

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