[VIDEO] Officials concerned as this new rare inflammatory disease in children may be related to COVID-19

Symptoms related to the rare inflammatory syndrome show inflammation and redness in blood vessels.


Health officials in the United States are looking into a rare inflammatory disease and how it could be affecting children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The officials are examining cases that could be associated with Kawasaki disease ⁠– a rare inflammatory condition that often affects children aged five years or younger ⁠– and toxic shock syndrome.

New York has identified 102 cases in children that show signs similar to the rare disease and are now investigating to view if there is a link with Covid-19.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said, “We have lost three children in New York because of the rare disease. Such cases are all across the state, predominantly where the population is.”

Cuomo added, “Five European countries and fourteen other states are also investigating the rare condition to examine if there is a connection to those symptoms and the coronavirus.

About 60% of the 102 cases in New York tested positive for the virus. Of those cases, 70% were admitted into the ICU, and 19% resulted in intubation. Which means it is serious,” he added.

The possible connection between the coronavirus and these inflammatory syndromes has prompted concern among officials because children are showing symptoms far different from the regular Covid-19 patient.

The coronavirus usually attacks the upper respiratory system, causing a cough or difficulty in breathing. However, signs related to the rare inflammatory syndrome instead show inflammation and redness in blood vessels.

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