Video Package | CM KP Inaugurates Country’s First-Ever Ice Drug Rehabilitation Center

Chief Minister KPK Mahmood Khan has inaugurated Pakistan’s first ever Ice Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Peshawar. The centre is equipped with modern facilities, having a hundred beds to accommodate people and a pharmacy for the provision of free medicines to patients.

An official statement told that the rehabilitation centre will, with assisting the addicts and providing them with necessary aid, also provide them with free food and accommodation. Along with it, training will also be provided to the addicts to bring their lives back on track, making them useful and contributing segments of the society.

CM added that drug addicts are the ignored segments of the society, who are neglected and their social connections are compromised due to their addiction. The rehabilitation centre will be working on eradicating these physiological barriers. He added that another separate portion for treatment of ice drug-affected persons will be established along with a laboratory with modern facilities to undertake necessary screening.

Mahmood Khan also informed that another ice drug rehabilitation centre is being established in Hayatabad and it will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan himself.



Imran Khan while presiding over a meeting of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, reviewing the 100 days performance last month, announced to launch a countrywide campaign against the increasing drug usage in Pakistan. As reported by a local media source, Imran Khan intends to initiate the campaign from Islamabad then later expanding it to other parts of the country with the aim to eliminate the drug abuse which is causing ‘problems for countrymen’

According to stats (2015) presented by ANF (Anti Narcotics Force), about 700 people die every day due to drugs related problems in Pakistan as compared to terrorism-related activities which claim the lives of 39 people daily.

The UNODC (United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime) in its report ”Drug Use in Pakistan” revealed in 2013, revealed that 6.7 million people in the country are drug users. They are dependant on medical prescription drugs, plant-based drugs, opiates ( heroin and opium), opioids and tranquilisers. Among these, 4.25 million are facing constant dependency – which means they are in constant need/urge to consume more drugs.

The report also revealed that about 3 quarters of opiate users showed a desire to quit the addiction and needed a helping hand but there was no improvement in their lives due to lack of access or inability to afford treatment.

The stats present the horrifying pictures of the existing crisis, which reflects that we are in dire need of a successful campaign tackling the increasing threat.

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