VIDEO | Pakistan’s Blind Eye Towards Human Trafficking

The persistent problem of modern slavery in the country, leading to human trafficking, makes Pakistan inconsistent with human rights values of the present. As per the report of International Labor Organization (ILO), 10 out of total 167 countries are facing the curse of modern slavery.

But what exactly does it mean? In the premises of modern slavery, comes forced labour, child labour, human trafficking, child begging, illegal recruitment and so on.

Slavery never really left the world, it just changed its form. There are no open slave markets now, but it still happens, behind the closed doors every day. The statement can be further verified by the fact that over 40 million people are affected by the curse today.

Among these 167 countries, Pakistan stands at third, only coming below India and China. This further reflects while the problem exists across the world, it is particularly tenacious in Asia.

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One dominantly existing form of human trafficking in Pakistan is through illegal migration. The traffickers coerce the vulnerable population by promising them better employment opportunities and sell them into labour and prostitution once they have no way to turn back.

The Centrum Media shared a video which perfectly depicts the magnitude of the problem. It not only shows the women who were betrayed, sold into prostitution and made to undergo severe physical torture in Dubai, it also exposes how tactfully the trafficker was successful in emotional manipulation and convincing.

Map of the world highlighting countries that are high on a list of a number of its people living in slavery; according to a newly released report compiled by an Australian-based rights organization, 30 million people worldwide live in “modern slavery.” MCT 2013

Another way people get caught in the vicious web is when they try to cross the borders by illegal means. ‘Dankey’ is the local term used for people illegally migrating to Europe through Iran and Turkey. But the dreams for a better life are crushed as the majority of them are trapped in Iran, forced into labour.

Those who end up in Turkey are trapped by local Turkish mafia dealing in organ trafficking. Availability of organs as compared to the demand is far less, hence organ trafficking is one of the most aggressively working black market.

Watch the video to understand Pakistan’s human trafficking problem better.


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