VIDEO: Pakistan’s first electric vehicle finally launched

The Government plans to localize EV manufacturing in the future, which will enable Pakistan to become a part of the global value chain of electric vehicles

The Government of Pakistan implemented its first National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP) by launching Pakistan’s electric car company in collaboration with Chinese firm Topsun Motors on January the 3rd, 2020. The company cut the ribbon in its showroom called Topsun MR Motors on Jail Road Lahore.

On Friday, during the launch ceremony of the country’s first fully-electric three-wheeler vehicle, the adviser to the PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that the project would promote Pakistan’s transport system and improve the environment.

The first National Electric Vehicle Policy was framed after incorporating consultations from all stakeholders.

In a nutshell, electric vehicles do not emit smoke and are cleaner, do not cause noise pollution and reduce fuel cost

Showcasing Pakistan’s First Fully-Electric Three-Wheel Vehicle:

The Ministry of Climate Change, in collaboration with the Board of Investment and Sazgar Engineering Works Limited, organized the event ‘Showcasing Pakistan’s First Fully-Electric Three-Wheel Vehicle’ to celebrate.

The PMs advisor said that the overarching EV policy, which was approved by PM Imran Khan last year, would achieve pollution-free transport facilities in the country with 70% fewer costs compared to fuel-based transport.

Localization Of EV Manufacturing:

The Government also plans to localize EV manufacturing in the future, which will enable Pakistan to become a part of the global value chain of electric vehicles.

The project will lead to less import of oil, which has placed a sufficient burden on the economy in the past. With the introduction of electric vehicles, living standards, the environment, and city conditions would change for the better.

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  • When the CNG was first introduced in late nineties it was also called a game changer with the same justification of reduction in oil bill and environment friendly . In this regards thousands of CNGs were given NOC but it was not calculated that will the gas companies be able to meet their demands after 10 to 15 years. Similaraly in case of EV policy the government is installing EV plants but the uniterupted supply of electricity to these charging stations seems no where . It is therefore proposed that government should work out the consumption of electricity and ensure its unterupted supply to the stations for at least 20 coming years as Pakistan is already facing energy shortage in summer .

  • Good to see this move if the supply of electricity is guaranteed; but the world is leaving behind battery electric car; and moving towards Hydrogen Electric Cars, and the future energy is transitioning in Hydrogen but not batteries.

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