VIDEO: Do you know how these popular Pakistani actors started their showbiz career?

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Many people dream of being actors, but the path is not for everybody. Then some stumble upon this opportunity and end up liking it. However, in either case, it takes years and years to prove your worth and sustain your position in the industry. 

Some of our Pakistani male actors were so passionate about pursuing their acting career that they decided to be full-time actors even after getting their technical university degrees.

Here is how the top Pakistani actors started their showbiz career.

Noman Ijaz

A lawyer by qualification and an actor by profession, Noman Ijaz is one of Pakistan’s most loved and respected actors.

Humayun Saeed

Another big name from the industry, Humayun Saeed, is a phenomenal actor and producer. But, surprisingly, he never really planned to join the industry.

Bilal Abbas Khan

Bilal Abbas Khan’s father always wanted him to be an actor, but he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business. But, when he finally realized that he wanted to be an actor, he joined the National Academy of Performing Arts.

Muneeb Butt

Like many others, Muneeb Butt never really planned a career in acting as well.

Adnan Siddiqui

A banker by profession, Adnan Siddiqui, never planned to enter showbiz. Still, later he decided to join an advertising agency since the job at the bank did not match his temperament.

Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa’s father was a famous actor; therefore, he always knew that he would get in acting too.

Faysal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi is one of the most phenomenal actors of Pakistan. His parents were associated with the industry, and he started performing in theatre and dramas when he was only 8 years old.

Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan has an Engineering degree in mining, but his first love was always music. Singer by heart, never knew he would end up being a full-time actor.

Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan started his career at a really young age since he was always passionate about acting.

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